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25th September 2019

Visual Art by Medulla

« In his free Will, Adam ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil after falling into the temptation… »

Visual Art by
John Parmstrong @john_p_armstrong
& Cyril Pyrrhos @cpyrrhos

Models: @cpyrrhos & @lu.seed
Masks: @cpyrrhos

Mixed Technique on Paper
(29,7 x 21, 21 x 14 & 21 x 16 cm)

By Antonio Azorín

Model & Original Photo:

Collages by Patrick Moskwa

Try me FOR FREE”

Visual Art By GRAL

Visual Art By Altr

01 @phillip_s_brown
02 @dirtibasti
03 Model: @thewildriver (Original Photo: @gregory_vaughan_)

By John Armstrong


By Reinaldo Pérez

Collaboration between two artists
@altr_b & @koenignaldo_art

By Mario Ballesteros

“Voyeur” & “Pain Lover”
(Collages 21 x 29,7 cm)

By Laurent Seljan

“Watch Me”, “Against the Wall”, “Let’s Play Outside” & “Secret Fetish”
(Collages 24 x 32 cm)

By Laurent Seljan

(Collages 21 x 29,7 cm)

By Laurent Seljan

First I learned it was wrong to lust after boys.
Secondly that it was wrong to lust on someone who wasn’t one.

Wanting to fuck was wrong.
As well as not feeling like it.

In the first and second place I learned
I was wrong. Always.

By Geco Fernando Kopelman

By Christopher Sabisch


Online store:

By Al’n Ciba

01 & 02 Model & Original Photo: @gavi_boy
03 Model: @howardharold_ Original Photo: @ricardosilvestredavid)
04 Model & Original Photo: @balkanjero.b
05 Models: @gavynmichaels & @aaronvalenzuela Original Photo: @macleodimages

“AIDS” Silence = Death
(Painting 81×65 cm)

By Valentin Cannarozzo


By Ian @i.a.n.003

By Matze

By Danilo Baraúna

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