Category is: Sexuality

We have a winning theme!

For the next 30 days, starting from now, we can work on this exciting virtual happening. On 25th of September 2019, we will upload simultaneously on Instagram our final piece, and bomb the Internet with our Queer Art and Sexuality.

Thank you all for joining and being part of this project.

A list of participant artists by discipline and city, is published here. If there is no one from your area yet, you can invite whomever you think may be interested in joining.

You are free to produce as many works and collaborate with as many people as you want.

On September 25th, we will publish our art pieces simultaneously on Instagram (or other Social Media) with the hashtags #QueerArtMob and #QAMSexuality to create a great worldwide queer art gallery.

Remember that collaborations and creative combinations are unlimited. There are a list with different disciplines like Models, Performers, Photographers and Visual Artists. We can create videos, photos, drawings, video performances, or live happenings to publish on the release day.

If you miss some artists or disciplines like stylists, MUA, etc. Feel free to invite them to join the group.

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