Queer+ArtMob is an art movement, run across social media, with the aim of linking queer artists located anywhere on the planet. Artists collaborate on an online exhibition by choosing a theme on which to create art for simultaneous publication on social networks.

The Queer community belongs to all genders, sexualities, countries, religions and ethnicities, and together make up a significant part of humanity. However, due to societal circumstances many queer people remain isolated and marginalized.

Queer is everything that pushes the boundaries of the binary and the normative. Everybody is welcome to explore the great diversity that lies just between the masculine and the feminine.

This project aims to bring together this community to empower its members by giving voice and visibility to everyone who wants to create and has something to say.

This project harnesses the power of digital networks to promote collaboration between queer artists. Instagram, for example, is one of the most popular social networks among visual creators since it allows you to display images in a personal gallery. This allows artists from all over the world to connect, collaborate, and publish their art.

Different topics are proposed and voted on by members. The most popular theme is chosen as the subject of the exhibition. From the vote, there is a month to contact the other artists to discuss, propose ideas, create workspaces, and produce visual works. Individual members can work on as many pieces and collaborate with as many other artists as they want. On the release day, members upload their art to Instagram and other social media, creating a worldwide online exhibition signified by hashtag #QueerArtMob.

Next Exhibition on September 25th 2019: Category is: Sexuality

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